All There is to Know About the NFL

NFL Trivia as the league exists today does not cover an exceptionally long period of time. There was an an NFL as early as the 1920s in America, however, the NFL as most people think of it was formed much later when the original NFL merged with its rival league nfl 2018, the AFL. This merger set up the foundation for one of the greatest sports leagues in the world, with each original league making up one division of the new NFL. Each division plays to a championship game, with the two champions facing each other in the game referred to as the Super Bowl. Since its inception, the Super Bowl games have consistently been among the most viewed events on television in every given year.

An NFL quiz shows us that each division is further broken down. This smaller divisional structure both allows for a strong playoff structure as well as the creation of great divisional rivalries which help boost ticket sales and TV viewership. The two divisions are known as the NFC and the AFC. Each division is broken down into North, South, East, and West sub-divisions.

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